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7/15/2020 - NOTICE TO ALL VISITORS TO OUR SITE: Due to the ongoing pandemic, all in-person services have been suspended until at least August 30. While we may be separated by some distance during this troubled time of uncertainty, please join us as we continue to celebrate in The Spirit! We will be offering a number of videos and meditations, more each week. This page will be updated periodically to keep you informed.

Spiritual Resources from Father Dan Wagner, Vicar

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“Moment to Moment”, uploaded 3/24/2020. A 60Mb Mp4 file.
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“Meditations for Holy Week”, Monday, 4/6/2020.
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DOK Prayer for Covid
Ever present God, we know You are here…but we have never been here before. Here where there is so much uncertainty, where circumstances change for each of us, for the whole of the earth, in just seconds. We sit on edge wanting the latest information on this advancing virus, yet we are on an overload of words and warnings. You bid us to breathe. Deeply ~ slowly. You bid us to listen in the silence for the only Word that brings hope in all of this chaos. O God, guide us to drop our thoughts, our breath, deep into the well of Your heart, to drink of Your endless compassion, mercy and promise. Guard our hearts and minds from endless wonderings and sensationalisms. You are here. We place our fears into Your cupped hands and trust, knowing that perfect Love casts out all fear. Transform this time of obedient seclusion into a pilgrimage of returning to the Source of our being ~ a sabbath time of coming to know the Love that created us from the beginning of time. Lord, to whom shall we go? We pray, wrap us in eternity and stir us with the power of Your Holy Spirit that we may rest in the Love that restores all things. Abba, grant us Your peace. Amen.
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“Moment to Moment”, uploaded 4/22/2020. A 10Mb Mp4 file.
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